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We here at the Sergeant Bluff ADVOCATE understand how frustrating life can be at times. Everyone has an opinion and of course, their opinion is ALWAYS the right one. Some opinions are off the wall and non-constructive. However, some are downright brilliant and make us stop and pause. The "now why didn't I think of that" moment.

Timothy Loftus, Publisher_GM

But in order to be balanced in our reporting, the ADVOCATE wants to hear your opinions. Tell us what you think about the paper. What do you think about our content? What type of content do you want to see in the ADVOCATE? Tell us how we can improve the newspaper and the services we provide.

We can only improve our newspaper by asking questions and receiving input. Your opinions are important and we do listen. So, take a few minutes and talk to us.

Recently, I had a gentleman from out of state trying to renew his subscription on our website. Come to find out, renewing your subscription was confusing on the website. So, after speaking with him and listening to what was confusing about the process, I was able to make some adjustments and hopefully, make things less confusing on our website. THANKS ROSS!

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