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Sample double slot $16 per week.

Business Directory

The ADVOCATE Business Directory is a great way to advertise your business and services on a weekly basis. Sometimes customers need a quick and easy way to find you and the business directory does the job. 

For just $8 per week with a 3-month commitment your business or service has a dedicated space. Things typically included in a directory listing include Business name, logo, address, phone numbers and a description of your service or business.

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Sizes include single slot for $8 per week, Or, double up with 2 slots for just $16 to get noticed faster. (3-month commitment)

Sample single slot $8 per week.

Your listing will also be included in our online business directory and will be linked to your business website. All customers will need to do is click on your ad and they will be taken directly to your website.

CALL TODAY to reserve your slot!

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