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Sergeant Bluff Advocate

Spotlight on Business

Pizza, crispy Ranch chicken, salad bar, desserts and a whole lot more

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By Wayne Dominowski, SBA Editor


    (SB) – There’s plenty to like at Sergeant Bluff’s Pizza Ranch located at Pioneer Mall (204-1st Street), with avowedly the best pizza anywhere. Your choice of toppings -- beef, pepperoni, diced ham, Italian sausage, cheese and garlic cheese – coming in small, medium and large sizes. Along with those toppings are no less than 13 specialty pizzas (see the menu online at
   It’s the family-friendly place to go for lunch (11 a.m. – 3 p.m.) and dinner (3-8 p.m.), and along with ordering your favorite pizza, you can always count on Pizza Ranch’s all-day buffet that includes a scrumptious assortment of pizzas, a fabulous salad bar, soup, and one of the best things going in the Tri-State area: Crispy Ranch Chicken, along with mashed potatoes, gravy, fries, wholesome veggies, and boneless and traditional wings.
   Paul Raak, manager at the local Pizza Ranch, is proud to note that “It’s your choice. Whether it’s dining in or carry out or delivered. Tell us what you wish, and we will prepare it just the way you like it.”
   In Sergeant Bluff making its way to 20 years, Paul has been at the management helm just a little past four years. He and his wife Amber, son Gregory (age 7), Isabelle (age 6) and Isaac (age 4) make their home in Sergeant Bluff. 
   “This is a great community,” Paul said. “There is a lot to do for families – Pioneer Valley Days, SB-L school activities, Christmas celebration at the Community Center – and Pizza Ranch contributes its own offerings as well. 
   “We hold what we call ‘Community Impact Nights.’ Just recently, for example, we had the SB-L Show Choir here and they brought many supporters with them. Choir Director Christine Massey brings her groups here three to four times a year and they always do well. It’s always fun working with them,” Raak said of the SB-L music department youth.”
   Pizza Ranch also has sports programs utilizing fundraising activities throughout the year. “It’s always a good thing for those groups raising money because people can see those young people,
visit with them, interact with them, and actually see them earning money for their individual athletic programs. I know the money they raise helps them.”
   The Pizza Ranch is also called upon to serve dinner at the COM-CON event held twice a year. The latter is on a rotating basis keeping the city’s wish to do business locally with all the food establishments.
   The SB-Advocate commented that Pizza Ranch has the “best broasted crispy chicken anywhere,” to which Paul smiled and said, “I’m not going to disagree with your statement. I believe we do. In fact, we state on our carry-out box that we have “The country’s best chicken.”
    A world of pizza. Paul noted that, yes, they have over a dozen different pizzas but chuckled saying, “Well, you can come up with virtually an infinite number of different combinations of pizzas here.”
   ‘The Ranch,’ as it’s referred to, is a popular place to dine, and that’s not only evident during lunch and supper time, but also throughout the day and evening. 
   Families, individuals, and groups make The Ranch a popular venue. “I believe we give good value for the money,” he said. “We serve food that people enjoy. It’s comfort food, and it’s always satisfying.”
   An unsung hero of Pizza Ranch, is its extensive salad bar. “It’s a star in its own right,” Rock said. “Customers have complimented us on our variety, freshness and carefully selected items that produce the salad of your choice -- crantastic salad, chef salad, chicken fiesta salad, garden salad, and taco salad to name a few.”
   Pizza Ranch in Sergeant Bluff employs from 25-30 people through the year. This includes a delivery service, the latter starting at lunchtime with a break from 2-5 p.m., when deliveries begin again for supper time. Deliveries are contained within a 3 mile radius of Sergeant Bluff. Orders can be made by phone (712-943-7400). Orders can be made online, as well ( or by means of an app that can be downloaded from the app store.
    If meetings or parties are on your short or long list, the local Pizza Ranch has two separate rooms that hold 30 people each, or swinging back the divider, the room can seat 6o people. There’s also a semi-private room available that seats 30 people.
   The Ranch is open seven days a week, and everyone is always welcome.
   Stop by and say hello to Paul and be ready to enjoy yourself with your menu choice.
   Oh, and by the way…a new dessert is on its way. It’s called Sweet Almond Cactus Bread. You’ve got to try it. You’ll be glad you did.

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