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Celebrating 10 years of growth, and success; 
Lindsey’s thank you to the SB community

By Wayne Dominowski, SBA Editor

Lindsey Buchheit, Attorney
Buchheit Law, PLC

    (SB) – Having built her law office building in December, 2014, Lindsey Buchheit has seen her practice grow exponentially and it hasn’t stopped since.  Located at its corner location (633-1st Street), Lindsey started Buchheit Law one year earlier in June, 2013 in a 500 ft. office at the Pioneer Mall next to the Pizza Ranch.
   It didn’t take but a few months before Lindsey brought on long-time staff member, Jean Kerr, to assist her on the administrative side of operations.
   Married, her husband Dave – a firefighter and training officer with the Sioux City Fire Dept. – and two children, Parker, SB-L freshman, and Kendal, a middle-schooler, reside in Sergeant Bluff.
   Before Dave’s promotion to captain-training officer this year, he personally set out to perform landscaping duties, and assisted in bookkeeping at the law office. The couple supported each other and their careers during a time of personal strife, with Dave having been struck with a rare disease eight years ago – Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, a disease of the bile ducts. The disease strikes less than 1% of the nation’s population.  Fortunately, through the efforts of the MAYO Clinic in Rochester, MN, the disease has been arrested, but vigilance is required for the rest of his life.
   Having practiced as an attorney since 2007, Lindsey specializes in family law and estate planning. Family law represents 20% of her practice, while estate planning, probate, and trust administration takes up 80% of her workday.
   From O’Neill, NE, a small community well known for its St. Patrick’s Day celebration, Lindsey laughed, “I was a clogger there.  I still bust out my clogging shoes for my daughters from time to time.” She was also highly involved in athletics, playing basketball and other sports. Lindsey graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in three years, then went on to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Law School. It was during her college years that she met her future husband and the couple married in 2006.
   Family law, she said, “arguably is the most stressful time in their lives. The adults who visit with me are emotionally distraught either because they are either contemplating divorce or going through divorce, or there’s a modification with their children for custody.”
   With those scenarios in mind, Lindsey said her office was designed to be “family friendly, because clients are coming to our office at a very difficult time in their lives.”  She added, “Similarly, estate planning clients are often initially hesitant to think about the reality of planning for death.”  
   Clients have many questions about their assets when they visit with Lindsey. Once she has gotten to know the client, advised them of all of their options, and understands their true intentions and wishes, Lindsey drafts the appropriate documents to ensure their intentions are respected.
   “What I particularly enjoy is getting to know the families I work with. Every family is uniquely different.” She said that each family’s circumstance is different as well, so no discussion on financials and health care issues is the same. “There are so many different factors involved when putting together each family’s plan.  Many clients comment at the end of the initial meeting that they hadn’t thought of – or known to ask - several items I bring up.”
   After the final draft is complete, Lindsey goes through it with the family to ensure the client understands everything and represents their wishes.  The immediate feeling is one of relief. “Clients feel peace of mind finally having a legal document their loved ones can follow.”
   “All in all,” Lindsey explained, “it’s about what the client is comfortable with and the kind of legacy they wish to leave to their desired beneficiaries.” In the end, she continued, “it’s a peace of mind that their wishes will be upheld.”
   Her schedule is generally booked out for two months, a testament to her dedication, work ethic, and professionalism. “We still encourage people to call us and arrange an appointment,” the Sergeant Bluff attorney said.  “For clients needing probate and trust administration services after the death of a loved one, or even family law clients – wherever the situation is more of an emergency – our office works hard to accommodate and get them in as soon as possible.”
   Yes, her law office has grown as noted earlier. To augment the busy schedule, Lindsey said she is looking for a fellow attorney to assist her. “I’ve been proceeding slowly,” she said, “because I’ve put ten years of my life into this law office and I want a person who will provide quality involvement.” Another point, Lindsey said, is her long-time staff. “They’re family to me. All are very well trained and exceptionally good at what they do.”
   Evidence of this is repeatedly made known to her by her clients who express gratefulness in their experience.  They often remark, as noted by one client on the firm’s website “…the staff is exceedingly efficient, passionate, knowledgeable, and caring.”  So, I want an attorney who will fit into our culture and be part of it.”
   On staff, and years of service cited by Lindsey, are:  Jami Wermers (8 years), who worked as a trust officer at a Sioux City bank for twenty-five years and has a certified financial planning designation; Angie Moeller (6 years), a certified paralegal, assists in family law, real estate, and business law; and Kayla Amick (2 years) the front desk administrative assistant, providing appointment scheduling, filings, organization of electronic and paper files, and a plethora of other duties.
   The community is invited to visit with Lindsey and staff at their upcoming 10-year anniversary, Thursday, Sept. 14, 2023, from 3:00 – 5:30 p.m., at the Buchheit Law Office.  The Sioux City Chamber will be on site at 3:00 p.m. for a ribbon cutting, and food and refreshments will be part of the anniversary get-together.
   Please mark the day and times down. Stop by and say hello and congratulate the Buchheit’s and staff.
   NOTE:  Our office is open Monday - Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. 
   If you arrive after normal business hours, please use the firm’s mailbox on the North side of the building for drop-offs and raise the flag notifying us of the drop off.

Lindsey Buchheit, Attorney
Buchheit Law, PLC
712.823.1024 (office)  712.823.1025 (fax)
633 1st Street, Suite A, P.O. Box 533
Sergeant Bluff, Iowa 51054
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