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Spotlight on Sergeant Pioneer Valley Living & Rehab

Pioneer Valley Living and Rehabilitation
Offers Both Privacy and Community

By Erin Sandage, SBA Feature Writer

    (Sergeant Bluff, IA) -  A residential living facility offers community members a safe, secure place to live when they need to get back on their feet after a hospital stay or when they need the type of long-term care they can’t get at home. But moving to a nursing home doesn’t mean residents must sacrifice their privacy.
   “I think what our residents like most about living at Pioneer Valley Living and Rehabilitation is the ability to retain their freedom while living here,” said Administrator Tim Nielsen. “They can be alone in their room if they want, or we have a large day room where they can be with their friends. There are also group activities for them to enjoy throughout the day where they can socialize with other residents.”
   Pioneer Valley Living and Rehabilitation facility is a newer, clean facility located at 400 Sergeant Square Drive. It offers 66 private rooms as well as private bathrooms. Each room is furnished with a bed, dresser, nightstand, TV and chair. Each of the facility’s six hallways has a shower room that features a whirlpool tub and a stationary and handheld shower. There’s also a great porch where residents can enjoy the weather when it warms up. 
   Not only does the facility itself offer the residents a private, comfortable living atmosphere, but it has several health and wellbeing services. Health services include individual care planning, occupational therapy, social services, physical therapy, speech therapy, restorative nursing, IV medication administration, wound management services, pharmacy services, dietetics consultation, diabetes management and nutritional support. Pioneer Valley also offers housekeeping and laundry services, multiple dining options and beautician services.
   For the handful of residents that live at Pioneer Valley for rehab to home or skilled therapy, they receive a personal plan of care to help them achieve their goals before safely transitioning back home. Pioneer Valley will keep family members updated on the residents’ progress, helping them make changes if needed. The facility also helps discuss what services might be needed once the resident is home, leaning on the many partnerships it has with agencies in the area.
   Nielsen, who transferred to Sergeant Bluff from a sister facility in April 2021, said once residents move in, they realize what a great facility it really is due to all the great services but also because of the staff. The residents are supported by 24/7 qualified nursing staff along with several aids.
   “The staff are not just here to work their shift and collect a paycheck,” he said. “They care about the people who live here. The residents are all known by name and all the staff are willing to stop and conversate with the residents. Most of the staff know personal things about the residents and have developed bonds that bring smiles to both the residents and the staff members.”
   Pioneer Valley sets itself apart from other facilities in the area due to its smaller campus. Nielsen explained the building has one main entrance and once inside, everything is close to get to, no matter where you need to go in the building. He added this closeness also helps developing closer relationships with residents as well as staff.
   “The staff genuinely care for the residents who live here. They develop connections with one another. That is most likely why when one leaves, either to go home after a rehab stay or if one passes away, it is felt throughout the facility. Staff are willing to visit and learn about the people who call Pioneer Valley home.”
   The facility offers fun as well. As Nielsen mentioned, being able to socialize with other residents is often a perk of calling a long-term living facility home. Residents enjoy bingo, a weekly happy hour with a decorated theme cart, food and music, daily fun facts and jokes and creative art projects.
   It recently threw a 100th birthday party for three of its residents.
   “From February to early March, we had three residents all turn 100 years old,” he said. “On one hand, it is quite the accomplishment in itself to reach that milestone. It is also kind of unbelievable to me that we had three reach it within a month’s time.”
   If you’re interested in seeing what Pioneer Valley Living and Rehabilitation can do for your loved one, call 712-943-2350.

Celebrating centenarians seated

(l-r) Edith Dailey, Shirley Pfaff,

and Betty Weber.

Finches provide a pleasant

atmosphere for residents

Comfortable and relaxing areas

Residents together for lunch

Tim Nielsen, PVLR Administrator.JPG

Tim Nielsen, PVLR Administrator

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