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Spotlight on Business

Fueling up, convenient store, 
and a whole lot more with a smile

Denny Johnson’s Pump ‘N Pak in Sergeant Bluff

By Wayne Dominowski, SBA Editor

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Denny Johnson

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    (SB) – A familiar, smiling face in Sergeant Bluff belongs to Pump ‘N Pak’s Denny Johnson, who has owned and operated the local gas-diesel and convenience store at 200 1st Street across from Pioneer Bank since 2004. Before that, he was with the station since 1979.
   Denny is a virtual fixture at the popular location and local people are glad of that fact. Denny, age 66, and his wife Rhonda, and their three adult sons (Jeremiah, Josh, and Jesse) are life-time Sioux City natives with Denny devoting the majority of his time to Pump ‘N Pak. He has to. Pump N Pak is open 24/7.
   The busy station features four front stalls with easy access, and two additional side stalls to serve larger vehicles and truck traffic.
   Inside his convenience store are aisles of everything from a myriad of snacks, sweets, chips, groceries, desserts, coffee and even emergency kits along with infant needs, Adjacent to the aisles are coolers stocked with multi-brands of soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, ice cream, milk and yes, beer and liquor.. 
   Also on hand are hot dogs, and Pump ‘N Pak’s pizza by the slice or full orders to go.
   The above was made possible back in 2006 when Denny initiated a major renovation and expansion of his store that saw the once small gas station and car wash facility turned into the large, modern operation it is today.
   Denny welcomes traffic off nearby I-29 as well as local patrons. Interstate traffic stops find Pump ‘N Pak a welcome reprieve and easy access both night and day, while local clientele know they can stop anytime, any day for fill-ups or quick grocery items and refreshments.
   Of course, Pump ‘N Pak’s mainstay is gas and diesel fuels and the latter is served by CENEX, the most specified formula grade on the market. CENEX designates its fuel as Top Tier® Certified, and as such it exceeds EPA detergent requirements attained through four rigorous testing procedures.
   Top Tier® is recommended by 7 out of ten automakers and the recommendation comes as a result of CENEX’s 2.5X cleaning power of regular fuel, the latter of which removes deposits left behind by other gasoline as well as cleans dirty intake valves and fuel injectors. That factor leads to fewer trips to the mechanic.
   CENEX fuels restore engine power and improves fuel economy, better drivability and maintains optimal injector performance and minimized emissions. (Go online to to learn more.)
   Clean engine. Clean air.
   The local Pump ‘N Pak offers its long-standing customer appreciation program (PERKS).
    For every dollar spent patrons receive one point… acquired points – which add up fast – may be redeemed for gas purchases, and merchandise. 
   The PERKS don’t stop there. Denny offers random DOUBLE PERKS that come through a company he is affiliated with that provides double perk points on purchases at Pump ‘N Pak. Because customers are registered with the program, such things as birthdays are rewarded with ice cream. Customers receive surprise $10 GIFT CARDS throughout each month. “Everyone loves receiving a $10 GIFT CARD,” Denny said of the random perk.
   Over the years, Denny has made a lot of friends and clientele that return over and over again. He believes strongly in being a contributor to the community at large and is known for his contributions to Sergeant Bluff-Luton programs.
   Hours, of course, are around the clock. Pump ‘N Pak is always open. “I don’t know if I even have a key to the door here,” Denny said with a chuckle. Total, Pump ‘N Pak employs seven loyal employees plus himself on board. Two of his people, Manager Kevin Martin, has been with Johnson for 20 years, and two cashiers who has been with Pump ‘N Pak for 15 years. The rest of the crew have been with Denny ten or more years. That’s quite a record.
   Mentioned here at Denny’s convenience store is emergency items.
   “This is probably the grandpa talking,” Denny quipped, “but I like to carry things for the little kids, things like Tylenol for children, and Pedialyte, too. I mean, imagine waking up at 1 or 2 in the morning and your child is having those problems that come up. We’re open around the clock. So, on those runs, we have what mom and dad may need.”
   It’s gas and diesel and a lot more at Pump ‘N Pak. Stop by, fill-up, say hello, and maybe be surprised with a $10 gift card.  You never know.

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