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MidStates Bank of Sergeant Bluff 

A place where everyone knows your name

By Wayne Dominowski, SBA Editor


Adam Lloyd,


Branch Manager

Jim Callahan,

VP Business Banking/Commercial Lending

Sonja Nielsen,

President of Convenience Banking

Brooke Goettsch,

Cashier Stations

Cindy Ploen,

Cashier Stations

Jill Hinkel,

Cashier Stations

Janet Yanak,

Consumer Lending/Appraisals

Tara Hill,

Loan Administrator


& Compliance

    (SB) – No, it’s not Cheers of past TV fame, but the moniker can be said to be the same: ‘A place where everyone knows your name.’ That’s MidStates Bank (MSB) in Sergeant Bluff
   Having acquired the previous Kingsley State Bank in 2019, the Sergeant Bluff location is joined by affiliates in Kingsley and Le Mars. MidStates is headquartered out of Harlan, IA., and in all there are ten locations with a presence in the Hawkeye State.
   MSB serves clientele throughout Iowa and elsewhere.
   In a short four years, MSB has established itself firmly within all three communities. In Sergeant Bluff, MidStates’ beautiful facility is located at 705-1st Street and is readily and conveniently accessed by customers, and visitors.
   Ten offices serve the clientele. Adam Lloyd, vice-president branch manager; Jim Callahan, VP business banking/commercial lending; Sonja Nielsen, president of convenience banking; Brooke Goettsch, Cindy Ploen, and Jill Hinkel, cashier stations; Janet Yanak, consumer lending/appraisals; Tara Hill, loan administrator/documentation/compliance; Vanessa Bohuslavsky, Loan administrator/compliance, and Dillon McCuddin, credit analyst and commercial lending.
   MSB offers professional services inclusive of consumer products – residential mortgages, car loans, simple and secure loans. The bank is fully engaged and equipped to manage commercial agricultural/farm needs, the latter of which has grown exponentially in the last four years. MSB is also active working with local businesses, operating companies, small family businesses, along with local real estate that takes in multi-family units, commercial retail, and office space.
   The array of services is accessed in person or through online banking, mobile apps, cash management services, business checking, personal accounts. As Jim Callahan pointed out, “We have everything the large metro banks provide all right here in Sergeant Bluff.”
   What MSB is most proud of can be seen in their daily operations involving all of its customers. “We believe in our community totally and unconditionally,” Callahan said. “When a client walks in, we know them all by name. When a new customer joins us, we make it a point to know him/her. Brooke Gets, who works at our front cashier’s desk, knows every customer’s car when it pulls into the parking lot. She’s phenomenal. 
   “To us, it’s an important personal touch. I believe it’s very meaningful to be immediately greeted by name and engage in friendly conversation. We do all of our business that way by knowing individuals and that makes it easy for them. We make things easy, convenient, and personable for all our customers.”
   Throughout the SB-Advocate interview, Callahan referred to personal relationships as the key to MidStates philosophy. “The best way I can encapsulate what we do here with our customers is reflective of family. That’s what we strive to be – a family.” He said that MidStates does not restrict itself to regular banking hours in serving customers. “We actually see our service as a 24-hour operation. Our customers have our phone numbers and can reach us at any time.”
   MSB is very community conscious and currently working on two major projects that will be announced in the near future. Callahan and Sonja are the most recognizable faces in Sergeant Bluff as MidStates Bank officers. The local bank is unquestionably huge supporter of Sergeant Bluff-Luton athletics as well as a number of other community activities such as Pioneer Valley Days and the events taking place therein. During the Christmas season, MSB annually opens itself to raising food by way of canned goods, cereals, and a host of items presented to the local Food Pantry along with a monetary contribution.
   MSB has worked with a number of local business owners, as well as work with the City of Sergeant Bluff on programs, events, and growth planning involving businesses with a desire to locate in Sergeant Bluff.
   The Sergeant Bluff bank, along with its ten locations, is financially sound. Owned and operated by the Todd Plum family out of Council Bluffs, IA., Todd Plum visits each of the banking locations at least several times each year.
   Indeed, MidStates is a local bank that serves the community, but more than a financial institution, it’s a place where everyone knows your name.

Vanessa Bohuslavsky

Loan Administrator

& Compliance

Dillon McCuddin

Credit Analyst and Commercial Lending

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