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Display Advertising

People can't buy your product or service if they don't know about your product or service.

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Getting your message out

The Sergeant Bluff Advocate offers display advertising at very affordable rates for all your business advertising needs.

Let us help you meet your business goals

The Sergeant Bluff Advocate offers rates by the column inch.

We will help you determine the size ad you might need to get your message across and will even design the ad for you.


The ADVOCATE is a 5-column newspaper.  

1 Column = 11.19 picas (1.8667”)
2 Column = 23.4 picas (3.9”)
3 Column = 35.61 picas (5.9333”)
4 Column = 47.79 picas (7.9667”)
5 Column = 60 picas (10.0”)
Quarter Page (5.9333” x 7.0”)
Half Page (10.0” x 7.50”)
Full Page (10.0” x 15.65”)

Nutty Bavarian-07DEC13a.jpg

Example of a 3-column by 5" ad

185th Truckload Sale-08JUN05.jpg

Example of a 5-column by 7.5" (Half Page) ad.

The ADVOCATE rate for display advertising is $6.00 per column inch.

File Types for artwork

  • Acrobat PDF file

  • TIFF (Tagged-Image) format

  • PhotoShop 5.5 or above PSD format

  • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) format

  • JPEG format

Minimum (dpi) requirements: 300 dpi
All COLOR display advertising: CMYK 

Advertising Rates: (net)

Advertising Deadline: Friday’s by 1PM (for following Thursday publication)

Camera Ready ads can be emailed to:

All submitted display ads will be sized to fit.

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