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Spotlight on Business

Founded in Sergeant Bluff,
Goodin Insurance continues
strong growth

By Wayne Dominowski, SBA Editor

Dave Clem,

Goodin Insurance Agency Manager

Dave Clem.png

    (SB) – Things we like to hear: Locally owned; prestigious group; affordable; customer service; protection, and immediate attention. That’s Goodin Insurance, a company that has its origins in Sergeant Bluff with offices in Sloan and Sioux City.
   Since 2007, Goodin’s growth has been nothing less than phenomenal. They started off in Sergeant Bluff in what is now Sioux Valley Community Credit Union, then taking up residence at Pioneer Mall. Today, they are headquartered in Sioux City (103 S Virginia St., STE 200, Sioux City) and retain their office in Sloan (400 Evans St., Sloan).
   Agency Manager is Dave Clem, well known and well thought of throughout the Tri-State area, Sadie Schnee and Carol Croghan, office personnel at the Sioux City location, along with founder and President, Jim Goodin, while in Sloan, Jake Goodin heads up the office there along with Amanda Small and Sarah Yanak in the front office.
           Goodin Insurance serves the vast Tri-State region, offering small commercial, personal lines, home, auto -- inclusive of RVs, motorcycles, and boats -- and bonds for contractors. The Goodin agency is a strong proponent of a vast number of local businesses, and it is not surprising that they represent a large number of area businesses.
   Theirs is a big responsibility, one that the Goodin people take very seriously.
   As an independent agency, Goodin Insurance has at their disposal many major insurance companies that Goodin is contracted with. “This allows us the ability to shop for people, contractors, and business insurance needs that suit our clients,” said Clem. It’s in this way that Goodin agents pin-point and place their clients with companies that specialize in the particular needs sought by those seeking what amounts to customized insurance programs.
   “Our direction is based not only on customer needs, but also what is comfortable, affordable, and specific, and makes our clients happy,” Clem said.
   The Goodin team accomplish their direction, often amidst a fast-paced, changing world, by holding to the standard of being “an advocate for the insurance customer.”
   Goodin Insurance Agency does the ground work in formulating and establishing a solid relationship between both the insurance company and the Goodin client. “It’s attaining the best product at the best price for our customers,” Dave Clem pointed out.
   In the intricate world of insurance, Clem explained, “…premiums aren’t everything. Claim service – taking care of your customers – seeing to their needs, and what they’re looking for is very important to us.”
   Visiting with Clem, it becomes very clear that the Goodin Agency carries with it a sense of urgency in all the client relationships. Response to inquiries is immediate. “When we receive a call, we provide answers to questions. If we don’t know the answer to a question, we set out to find that answer by calling an insurance company and then relaying what we learned to the client. No one has to wait a day for a response from us.
   There are clients who came to Goodin after poor experiences with internet on-line insurance outfits. Their biggest complaint and regret, Clem said, “is they can’t reach an agent, or when they do, they don’t receive a return call, and they don’t know who they’re talking to.” Employing Goodin, they often state, is both a relief and confidence that their needs are seen to immediately. “It’s why our customers stay with us,” he said.
   In essence, Goodin is local, their clientele is local, and the response and action is immediate. When you call Goodin, you get a human answering the phone, not a recorded message, or a recording with a series of instructions on placing your inquiry.
   As a local agency, Goodin is foremost a community advocate. They are aware of activities and situations in all the communities they serve. They provide support and donations to earnest endeavors. They are members of the Chamber of Commerce, and members of the Independent Agents of Iowa, a Trusted Choice agency. 
   It’s not an overstatement to say Goodin Insurance goes the distance and by far, go above and beyond what is expected. They pride themselves on reaching that high ideal. It comes from their personal belief in service, and as Clem pointed out, “The Golden Rule – treating others as you would like to be treated.” The latter is rare in our world today. What Goodin does is old-fashion, but it works just as well today as it did years ago and people appreciate it.
   Goodin Insurance covers each of its clients’ risks.
   So, there you have it. Goodin Insurance Agency.
   The Sioux City office is open daily, Monday-Friday, offering both on-line appointments · on-site services. You can reach their main office at: (712) 255-7621. In Sloan, the office is also open Monday-Friday, and you may reach them at: (712) 428-1555. To explore further, you can access Goodin’s at their website:
   Give them a call. 

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