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Sergeant Bluff Advocate


    (SBA) Personal customer service is what drives long-lasting patronage. And it’s exactly what sets Sergeant Bluff Pharmacy, located at 105 Gaul Drive, Suite A, apart from other pharmacies in the area.
   “We really try to get to know our patients,” said Stacey Jackson, co-owner along with Bev Schuster. “We try to know what’s going on with them so that we can help improve and manage their health and have good outcomes. Sometimes that’s lost in bigger operations, but that’s something we pride ourselves on. We like being able to know you when you walk through the door and being able to take care of you the best way we can.”
   Jackson and Schuster became the longtime Sgt. Bluff pharmacy’s owners on January 1, 2021, when they bought the business from Lisa and Dean Lauters. Both pharmacists, Schuster and Jackson had previous experience working at the pharmacy before becoming owners. Shuster was a full-time pharmacist at the pharmacy and Jackson filled in when needed.
   “We thought it was a good opportunity,” said Jackson. “We both enjoy being able to serve in a small community and getting to know our patients. It was a good opportunity for us to continue to do that.”
   Since taking over, the duo has strived to make sure they run the independent pharmacy with the same focus on customer service as the previous owners did.
   “I think it’s still the same feel here,” admitted Schuster. “It’s still small town and most of the faces are familiar. We have added a couple of new people as we’re growing and getting a little bit busier, but we still try to learn everybody’s name.”
   While the transition went well, Schuster and Jackson found the change to ownership was vastly different from being behind the pharmacy counter. 
   “There’s been a lot of learning,” said Jackson. “There’s something new every day. We get to wear the HR hats, the IT hats and all the other hats. So, it’s been interesting getting to learn all those different aspects.”
   Luckily, the previous owners gave a lot of input during the transition and even now.
   “Lisa and Dean have been very, very gracious,” said Jackson. “They answered any questions we had, and they were more than willing to let us know what they had done in the past. Lisa still works for us a day a week.”
   And while the pharmacy still offers the same services as when the Lauters owned it, like having a drive thru, offering immunizations, delivery service and multi-dose compliance packaging, the duo have made some improvements.
   Aside from building up the staff, which now includes nine employees, the business recently added an app, Rx Local, to the business.
   “It’s been nice. People can request refills, send us messages and if they go to the doctor’s office, they can see their med list right there,” explained Jackson. “I think a lot of people have fully enjoyed that.”
   Both Jackson and Schuster are from Nebraska and still live there. Jackson grew up in O’Neill, Nebraska and went to pharmacy school at Creighton University. Her and her husband have four children and currently live in Ponca. Schuster is from Falls City, Nebraska and went to pharmacy school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. Her and her husband have two children and live in Pender. They each drive in everyday to run the pharmacy but wouldn’t have it any other way.
   “It’s tough to pull those Nebraska roots,” Jackson laughed. “When people come through with Husker gear on, we know we’ve got a kindred spirit. And when we see Hawkeye gear come through, we can kind of playfully rib them a little bit.”
   Both Schuster and Jackson said they love the community of Sergeant Bluff and are happy to make the commute.
   “It’s just a great community. I think the people are as kind and friendly as any you’ll come across. We truly have the best patients in the world. It makes us want to come in and help them.”
   Sergeant Bluff Pharmacy not only serves Sgt. Bluff, but the surrounding communities like Salix, Sloan, Bronson, Lawton and more. It is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. and also open Saturday from 9 a.m. until noon. 
   Jackson does suggest those wanting a vaccination, like pneumonia, shingles and Tdap, to simply call ahead so all the information will be ready to go when the customer arrives.
   The number is 712-943-1494.

Spotlight on Sergeant Bluff Pharmacy

Sergeant Bluff Pharmacy,
Where Everyone Knows Your Name

By Erin Sandage, SBA Feature Writer

Stacy Jackson and Bev Schuster

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